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This User Guide For The HughesNet HN7000S - Traveler's Version provides all the information you need to set up and use
your HughesNet satellite system while on the road.


User Guide HN7000S
Traveler's Version

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When you decided to travel with your HughesNet satellite Internet system it seemed all too easy. This is the perfect solution for communicating on the road. Having Internet available 24/7 made your travel plans possible.

Take it off the roof, put it on a tripod, and go. Buy a used system from an eBay vendor, or a local resident, stow it in your RV and hit the road.

However...when it came time to set it up at the first destination, the frustration began.

Can’t find the signal? No problem just call HughesNet support. This is when you found out from technical support that you can’t travel with your equipment. Now what? You see these systems everywhere on the road. It seems every RV park has at least one HughesNet system sitting on a tripod next to an RV. Why can’t you do the same.

Now you can with this User Guide for the HN7000S!

  Step-by-Step Instructions





User GuidePDF Version

  Using the Modem Software
  Finding the Signal and
Passing the Cross-pol Test
  Registering the Modem
  Troubleshooting All Issues
Including Testing Equipment
  Configuration Checklist for Windows
  Using Shortcut Utilities
    . . . . And More
    PDF Version Only [due to the amount of graphics required in this Guide, it does not convert to eReader format reliably]


The author, Margo Armstrong, has spent the last 7 years supporting HughesNet satellite Internet portable customers (now retired). Her experience is transferred into this E-Book covering all areas of traveling on the road with the HN7000S modem and HughesNet Internet service.
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