Transferring Your New eBook to Your eReader  
1. In your email software, File => Save Attachments. Save this file (new eBook) to a directory that you can easily find later, for example, My Documents. The file extension for Kindle is .mobi; for Nook, Sony and all others, .epub.  
2. Plug the USB cable that came with your eReader into a USB slot on the side of your computer. Connect your eReader to the other end of the USB cable.  
3. Open the Computer icon on your desktop Start menu. Several drives display, usually C:, D: and maybe E: Kindle or E: Nook. On the Mac, the drive appears directly on the desktop.  
4. Click to Open the Kindle (Nook, Sony) drive. Find the folder labeled "documents."  
5. Find the file saved from the email. Copy and paste into the "documents" folder.

To copy and paste, click the file saved from the email one time to highlight (turn blue) the file.

Option 1: From the drop-down menu: File => Copy/File =>Paste into E: Kindle\documents

Option 2: Drag/Drop

Option 3: Using the keyboard: Ctrl C (copy)/Ctrl V (paste)

6. Remove the USB cable from the computer and the eReader.  
  The new eBook should appear on the HOME screen in your eReader.