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Buying gold and silver seems simple enough from the outside looking in, but when you actually start
spending your money the traps and scams appear. Plenty of tips here for the beginning investor.

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Buying Gold and Silver

Whether you believe the dollar will become worthless or you just want the shiny metal in your possession, some basic understanding of the gold and silver market is desirable.

The business of buying and selling metals is not like walking into a jewelry store, looking at the merchandise and picking out your jewel. Instead...picture the floor of the NY Stock Exchange (as seen on TV), focus on one individual on that floor and imagine giving your order over the phone to this person.

It is a hectic and fast-paced business for the gold dealer (retailer). Prepare yourself for jumping into this market by finding out how it works, what first-time purchases are best, and how to follow the market for future buys.

This primer was developed through a personal voyage down this path. Everything you need to know to get started is included here in easy-to-understand language and beautiful photos.

bullet A Little History About Gold and Silver

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bullet Is Gold and Silver Investing Safe for You?
  .Kindle Version

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bullet Government Reporting Clarified
bullet The Business of Buying and Selling
bullet Finding a Reputable Dealer
bullet Investing in Silver - The Products Available
bullet Investing in Gold - The Products Available
bullet Gold and Silver Investing and IRAs
bullet Storing Gold and Silver Investments
bullet Glossary of Terms
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