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Here at The Maxwell Group, I have been writing and sharing information about the RV lifestyle for many years. With more than a decade of living full time in my RV and no end in sight, I am now sharing this expertise and practical information in an electronic format known as an eBook.

In the last couple of years, my writing has expanded into other life fields that I hope will solve problems or add insight into your everyday experiences, such as investing, resolving small estate issues, understanding the human condition, selling your home, and even how to use your camera.

The eBook catalog keeps expanding, offering a variety of topics to entertain and enlighten you. Check back frequently to see what's new. Click here if you want to be added to the "new book announcement" list.

I have also formatted and edited lightly some of my favorite fiction so you can read them on your Kindle, Nook, and Sony eReaders ...or... on your computer.

Look for my articles in the Escapee's Magazine, Trailer Life, RVing Women and numerous websites that focus on enhancing your lifestyle. Enjoy!
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